What is a Cake Pop?

Whether it be for a birthday party, Valentine's day, Easter, Christenings, stocking fillers at Christmas, party bag treats for children's parties, Cake Pops are a perfect treat and can be decorated to fit in with almost any style or theme. Add something special to the occasion...


Popatoo Cake Pops are all made by hand - no cake pop makers are used.


The cake pop itself is made up of soft chocolate cake with a moist truffle like texture (yum!) So it won't ever be dry or spongy! The cake is then carefully dipped in a chocolate coating of any colour and decorated to suit the occasion.  


Popatoo Cake Pops are made to order, so please let me know of your special occasion and I can create something just for you!

cake ball gift boxes (Box of 8)


Plain chocolate * Rum * Irish Cream * Mint * Coconut Rum & Raisin * Chilli

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